Prof.Dr.Robert Logchar
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

Prof. Vijaya Gopu
Tulane university, USA

Prof.Franco Mola
Politechnico Di Milano, Italy.

Prof.Dr.Corrado Beguinot
Naples, Italy.

Consultant BBR Switzerland.

Prof.Lin-Hai Han
Tsinghua University, China.

Prof. Pioz, Javier G.
Architects, Madrid, Spain.

Prof. Abdul Rahim Sabouni
Vice Chancellor & CEO
Alhosn University, Dubai, UAE

Prof.H.R.Surya Prakash
BMSET, Bangalore India.


Prof. Dr. Ing. H. R. Viswanath


Vice President

Prof.L.D.Kataria Architect, India



Whenever one thinks of high-rise structures these days, the slender and elegant 235 M TV tower in Delhi, 300 M Eiffel Tower in Paris, 443 M high Sears Tower in Chicago, 540 M TV Tower in Moscow and 553 M high CN Tower in Toronto spring to mind. These thrilling and marvelous structures encourage us to go higher and higher for steel, concrete and pre-stressed structures.